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Jcity Photography Price List  Up to 10/edited photos of your choice will be sent to you via email for $50 1.00 per extra photo Example (15 photos = 55.00 etc For all of your photos 50 + or more unedited sent to you via email/flash drive 50.00 For all your photos edited sent to u via email/flash drive = $100.00  Special Events Any event comes with at least 50 or more photos $50.00 per hour for non-edited photos of your event. $100.00 per hour for edited/touched up photos. Photo booths $50.00 per hour. Videography services Podcast/Interview/music videos Flat rate of $100.00 This includes Shooting/recording your podcast video.Editing your video (titles, captions, etc.) Lights, backdrop, microphones are available. All videos will be finalized within 5days of shooting. All pictures, info, media must be submitted by end of day of shooting. Any info/media that needs to be added to the video after video is finalized an Additional deposit of $25.00 is required before proceeding.

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